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Looking for a novice/training packer for a 5'4", 62 year old woman. Not breed focused, priorities are experience, size (15.3 seems tall to me), and temperament (patient and kind). $20,000 price range.

Please contact Eliza at


Wanted- The Perfect Dressage Horse:

Nice moving warmblood or TB or cross (NO Spanish or Friesian horses), suitable for an amateur; under 10 yeasrs old and going 4th level/PSG - solid in changes and lateral work; ability to go on to GP. Sensitive and sensible. I can stay on through bucks and leaps but am really beyond thinkingthat's fun.

Mot important is ride-ability - NCEFT (my stable) is a challenging environment with lots of distractions and unpredictability. I ride early in the morning before work during the week so time is limited. Horse needs to be good with focused 45 minute ride.

On the weekends I like to trailer to the Horse Park and also ride to out to the Runnymede Sculpture Farm. Trailering and hacking out are important. If the horse has evented or jumped even better.

I do ride regularly with an instructor (2 lessons/week) and she rides 2-3 days/week for me, but it is important that the horse is one I can ride/train by myself, trailer to clinics, etc. I'm no longer a serious competitor, but also would like to go for USDF medals.

A couple of profiles could work:
-GP schoolmaster (don't really want a horse older than 14, but don't let that stop you from selling me a great horse.)
- 8-10 y.o. with changes, 3rd or 4th/PSG, sound, etc. mare or gelding; I have lots of experience with hot, sensitive mares.
- 5-6 y.o. that has a good start that I could bring along.

Ideal size is 16.2-17 H; will consider 16 or 16.1. There is a 17.2 hand mare in San Diego I am very comfortable on but doubt she will fit in my trailer.

Also, I keep my horses forever so really important this is a good match for the long term.

Karen Bertrand

I am an older rider looking for a safe, sound, (will pass a pre-purchase exam) attractive, easy going, bomb-proof, warmblood type, Event horse who will take me safely around a Training level course.
Preferably between 5 and 10 years old, 16 to 17 hh.
Gelding preferred though mares considered.
This “perfect horse” should have a good, solid dressage foundation and be comfortable and confident on the trails, roads and transporting.
No vices please.
Please send videos, competition records, and all pertinent details to:  Steven Schacter at sydnyk2@sbcglobal.net
Many, many thanks!



A twelve year old student needs a horse. She's a very kind soft rider and she has an excellent seat, but she's green- she wants to event- she's ridden a pony for the last few months. We need something honest and kind, without any nastiness. She frightens when they get too silly.  Anything from 15-16.2 hands, no older than fourteen- there are two younger ones after her- so it would be a forever home. Sound, without a lot of work to keep it that way...I think the budget is limited, certainly nothing over $15,000, maybe more?...a great home, a great family, wanting a nice solid citizen...

Contact:Katy Rishoff, kt.rishoff@gmail.com - Area VI, CA



My name is Kay Armstrong and I am looking for a horse. 
Of course I want the perfect horse! Seriously, I am looking for a horse 6-11 years old with some level one training. I am an older rider and therefore want the perfect horse in that they are calm yet forward going. I have been looking at horses between 25-30k. I am aware that is on the less expensive side. 
Had been looking specifically at Andalusians. 
If you have any ideas or could help me locate such a horse, it would be very appreciated.
If you would like to contact me my phone number is 805 340-3937. Texting is fine.
I do realize such a horse would be in the " miracle category". 
Thank you so much for your time. Kay Armstrong


I am in search of a horse for an amateur who has had 2 very bad accidents before coming to me. She is only doing lower level dressage at this time and will never jump again. Having said that, there are some pretty specific requirements necessary.

Gelding definitely preferred, under 10, good basics on the flat (great if knows some lateral work like shoulder-in), will quietly hack around her farm by himself and easy to deal with on the ground. She keeps the horses at her farm and other people also handle the horses so they must be good to deal with. No cribbers, weavers and absolutely no buckers!!!

Under $20,000. Let me know if you have anything available or know of anything. We are in Pittsburgh, PA and are willing to travel to VA, MD, Western NY and Ohio and Michigan but no further.

Joan Simmons jlsshf@consolidated.net


Looking for an amateur's horse:

Mature adult amateur lady has desire to do dressage, hunters and lower level eventing. Horse should be solid at 3' to 3'3", 14 years or under, at least 16 hands (lady is tall and leggy); a safe jumper and good mover. We are looking for an exemplary citizen at home, in new venues, on the trail; a horse capable of maintaining its training with occasional interface with a professional. Serviceable soundness required. Willing to spend up to $35K for the right partner.

Contact Jeffray Ryding 505-690-9948 or MJRatGDF@aol.com


Looking for a 4'00" jumper. He is from the east coast but, if the horse & the price was right, he would consider shipping it back:
- he is approx. 5'07", thin, athletic, sensitive hands
- looking for: 15.3h +, 7 yrs. + , any breed, sound, has changes, & is fun!
Feel free to call me (even if it's just to say that you e'ed me)as i am a bit behind in my emails....


Hello my fellow Eventers,
       My name is Leslie and I am a fit  53 yrs old, 5’5 have long legs 31’in inseam.  And I am looking for a new horse. I have been Eventing for 10 yrs on the same horse up thru Prelim. My goal is to do a one star before I get any older. I consider myself  a balanced rider with good hands above average amateur. I am open minded of age if not too many miles and issues, gender, breed, color, but size of horse  best ….15.3-16.3
No prospects want to do training level now. I am extremely competitive. And  keep my horses for the long haul so I need to get it right.
I have learned that many horses are sold before they even get marketed online so I am trying to reach out this way. Please HELP a loving dedicated woman who  has a dream of doing a ONE STAR!!!!
OH price max $25K.
                                                                                                                                  Warm Regards, Leslie May-LaBraque
805-796-7000  Ca.  Santa Barbara area.


    Currently looking for a dressage prosepct with at least potential for Prix St. George. She is approx. 5'5", medium build, 50'ish years old with experience in the hunter/jumper world as well as competing through 3rd Level dressage. Following is a list of requirements:
  • good temperament
  • minimum of 5 years old
  • well started
  • $40K price range max.
    If you have this perfect horse, please send details & contact info. to: wergeles@earthlink.net