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Quarter Pony - registered with the American Quarter Pony Association. Her mother was a welsh and her father a quarter horse. I’ve had this pony since she was a yearling. She is also in the pre-mare book of Weser Ems and her foals can be registered German Riding Ponies because of that. She is very very gentle and seasoned. 13.2 and a half hands tall. She has lived out with other horses -mostly geldings - her adult life. Always been sound, never worn shoes (honestly, hardly ever trimmed). She’s 4 years old, but was started as an early 2 year old and has been ridden a lot, both by me and a 10 year old girl. Great on trails, seasoned in the arena and very quiet. If I could fault her, she isn’t a gorgeous mover, but she can gather up and collect easily. (I tried to show that a little on the video). She has been around cattle a lot, roped on, pulled all sorts of stuff, ridden English a little and just plain enjoyed. She is the same pony with two months off as she is when ridden every day. No vices. She is fairly broke to neck rein, but not completely finished on that. She’s pretty easy to get going but she isn’t overly forward or go-ey. She is also broke to lie down… more of a novelty than anything but kind of fun. (video included below) I have her priced at $7500. Feel free to ask anything else or give me a call if I can help you any further. We are in Weatherford Texas but it is quite easy to find a ride to California (or anywhere else, for that matter!) I have plenty of friends leaving Texas with trailers between now and Christmas. I completely stand behind this little pony and would love to see her go to a loving home. I just have too many!